You are at the gateway of kismet, of The Goddess Nyxx. You are here in search of financial domination/enslavement/servitude, and to become a true slave to a Dominant Ebony Goddess.

The point of you being here, your purpose is that you owe me. It’s time for you to make reparations and bow down in reverence to your Ebony Goddess.

There’s a longing burrowed deep within you to serve a young Ebony Findomme Goddess. All you need to do is reach out with your wallet and your soul… crawl and submit, serve fervently and your life will gain meaning. I know how you rapture, imagining serving a superior Ebony Goddess… This will very soon become your reality. Fulfill your purpose… provide, supply, enrich, surrender, pamper, and devote for me and to me, your Ebony Goddess. Relinquish everything you are and own and give me all that I want and desire.

You understand your place as inferior. Black Supremacy and Female Domination are two things that you hold true to in your daily life. By serving me you understand that you are entering my world where my word is the law. You will do what I say, when I say to do so, and how I say to do it.

You will not serve me with the assumption that you deserve anything or that you get something in return for serving me. You serve me because you recognize your place, you serve because you need to serve a Black superior, you serve because you need to serve a dominant Ebony Goddess.

You should realize that it’s an honor to serve me. You’re lost and looking to become useful to a superior Ebony Findomme Goddess. You will kneel and show your worth, sincerity, devotion, loyalty, and honesty by worshiping me daily.

Your presence will not be acknowledged until you’ve made reparations: do your due diligence and give tithes and tribute to your one and only Ebony Goddess.

You will learn how to serve me properly and fully, you will serve me to the best of your ability. Your number one goal and only goal in life is to ensure that I am completely satisfied by doing everything and anything to please me— with and without being told to do so.

You make tithes and tributes to me because you embrace and comprehend that my time, attention, and presence in your life is your sustenance. You make reparations daily, weekly, and monthly because you feel the urge and are compelled to do so.

You’ve arrived here for a reason, you realize it. You’ve seen that I am your destiny… and now you must fulfill that which has been set in place since the beginning of time.

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